Dick Landy 1965 Landys Dodge

Dick Landy was one of drag racings first factory drivers. In 1964 he began driving a 426 Wedge powered altered wheelbase funny car in pursuit of quicker elapsed times and faster speeds. The most famous of these altered wheelbase cars was this Landys Dodge altered wheelbase car.

The 65 altered wheelbase car was 1 of 12 cars built specia;l by Chrysler for its race team. There were six Plymouths and six Dodges built in an effort to put more weight on the rear wheels, the front axle was moved forward about 15 inches and the rear axle about 10 inches. The car was soon running in the low 9 second range at speeds over 140 MPH.

The unique wheelbase kept Landy out of the NHRA but quickly made him and the altered cars, crowd favorites at match races across the country.

This is a great hand built and painted model of the famous Landys Dodge.


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